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Writing original music is…. hard.

Hey. You may be wondering where I’ve been lately — well, I forgot to add my latest remix to the site. I’ll do that a bit later on. Right now I want to focus on some other goings-ons that you might find interesting… maybe.

Many of you may remember I did a joke kickstarter for s’mores, and then later squeezed my new album into that whole thing. I’ve been trying to write an original song for the past couple days and I just finally got this one to the point where I can see the finish line for the structure. After doing so many remixes where I was basically working with existing material, writing original music is………… hard.

When I hear music, I usually think of ways that I would approach it in addition to simply enjoying it. I listen to a crud-ton of music, sometimes even get picked on for listening to rap or radio pop. While I’ve been trying to write my own stuff, I’ve been ultra-critical of it to the point that I feel unsure about stuff mere moments after writing it. That may be an issue with listening to so many types of music constantly — it’s hard to hear something as your own rather than as generic once the wave of inspiration passes.

In the end, I think the goal here will to be a bit less critical, and simply enjoy my own music and just write what I want to hear and what I like. Hopefully other people will find that appealing too. In addition to my album, I also have an album for Careless Juja to mix and master this month, vocals for Subject to Thoughts’ new album that is expected to drop early 2015, and some other jobs both pro bono and financial. Oh, and the day job with the holidays coming up. It’s going to be a grind to say the least. Speaking of grinding, I’ve also been playing Destiny a lot. A LOT. That game is amazing, and the expansion is dropping in 2 days. I DON’T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE ALL OF THIS!!

I’ll just keep doing my best. I’m not going to force anything. That would be doing a disservice to myself and everyone else. It’s like my good friend Sir Jordanius told me, you spend so much time trying to help everyone that you end up hurting everyone. Definitely need to stop doing that. Here’s to hoping things improve in the near future, thanks for following me on this journey.

I’ll post that new remix on here in a few days, or you can find it on my youtube channel. Until next time!

New ReMix ‘Masamune’!

Hey hey! So this isn’t exactly new as I released it on Youtube a little over a week ago, but it’s still pretty fresh! I started writing a Frog remix on Saturday on a whim and finished it up by Monday. It wasn’t really something I was planning to do, but when the idea got in my head, I simply couldn’t turn away from it. So here it is in all of its amphibious glory.

Magus’ theme also sneaks in there in the middle. I put it in and named it Masamune because of the rivalry between Frog and Magus. I thought it made sense.

I’m insanely busy right now on top of trying to move to a new house within a month or two (you know how long this stuff takes), but I’m still hoping to provide music while that is going on. In fact, I just finished a song about an hour ago that is planned for a Halloween release on an album. I’ll fill you all in on the details of that later. Thank you!! I hope you enjoy this mix for now!

New ReMix ‘Serenity’!

Here’s a new arrangement of Awakening by Motoi Sakuraba from the Star Ocean: The Last Hope soundtrack! I used Chamberlin flute / oboe for the main leads of the song, and an acoustic guitar with some subtle chorus for additional leads. Yep, another acoustic song — Motoi Sakuraba’s work has a lot of potential for acoustic. He doesn’t just do memorable heavy battle themes! I hope you like this song and check out the original!

New ReMix ‘Like A Damn Fiddle’!

Greetings, folks. I’ve updated the website as you can probably see. It’s far overdue.

There’s a sneak peak of the upcoming artwork for the new album set as the header image. A really beauty photograph taken by one Prof. Ekant Veer.  I found the image on reddit and asked if I could use it for the new album, and the rest is history. A huge thanks for his kindness. I’m excited for the new album, what it will sound like, what it’ll stand for — the actual experience of recording it will be great. I can’t wait. Alas, I’m still working on ReMixes and a veritable buttload of other projects as well! I have a couple new professional jobs coming in that have me very, very excited.   Continue reading

New ReMix ‘Super Chai Tea Latte’

Hello friends! Here is Super Chai Tea Latte off of the new album Legacy: Game Boy 25th Anniversary. This was an album I directed with Chernabogue for a couple months so that it could release on OC ReMix for the 25th anniversary of the Game Boy. I did two songs for the album, so I will be posting the other one on youtube on the 14th with another special remix coming on the 7th. If I can manage to keep up this work flow, I might be able to post a new remix every week. We’ll see how it goes! Continue reading

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