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‘Between the Bars’ Elliot Smith Cover!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? A lot of stuff has been going on lately, and over the past year as well. Over the last year, I’ve lost 170lbs which you can probably notice from the above video… at least if you knew what I looked like before. I haven’t uploaded to my youtube too often or updated my website unfortunately, but I’ve been working very hard on several things:

  • My original album, still, which is coming along nicely!
  • The White Vault, Artifact Miniseries, Liberty: Vigilance, and Legendsmith Productions podcasts
  • A new Valkyrie Profile inspired Death Metal album from The Legendary Zoltan!
  • The occasional new song or cover :)

Audio-wise, those are the big things. I recently got a bicycle which I really like. I got a cruiser with the reverse pedaling break like the one I had as a kid. It’s a hoot. I also got a Smart Car about 4 months ago which now has a bike rack on it. The bike sticks out about a foot on each side of the car. It’s nuts.

I hope you enjoy this cover, and future things I share on YouTube or on my website… if I ever do it! ;)

Careless Juja Live @ The Geek Easy (9/30/17)

Hey! I forgot to post about this on my website, and now it’s too late to go to the concert… but hopefully you’re following along on Facebook too, at least. Both me and Careless Juja!

The night started off tough, waking up at about 1am naturally when we needed to be at the airport before boarding at 5:30AM. Typically, they want you there somewhere between 45 minutes and 2 hours early. So we were there about 2 hours early, and I ended up waiting about 40 minutes before boarding.


A nice, dark flight later, and I’m waiting at the bag claim when this nice group of people show up to greet me. Careless, Juja, and Juja’s wife! The latter two would later become a couple of the best people I’ve ever had the privilege to call my friends. Careless on the other hand, got me sick, but let’s not jump ahead just yet.  Continue reading

Materia Collective releases SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X

This is a little different. I can’t say I’ve ever embedded a Spotify link into a post yet…and I probably did it wrong. ANYWAY, this is SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X. There are two albums which you can grab for $12 each on bandcamp (at Materia Collective’s page). I am super happy and appreciative to be involved, and very glad to enter the sunlight of releasing fan arrangements professionally — and LEGALLY — with such a great group of people.

Please check it out. Here’s all the appearances I make on this album:

  • “This Is Our Story” by Jordan Chin (Besaid Mix)
  • “Besaid on the Rocks” by Ryan Ike (Besaid Mix)
  • “Bravely Bwakking Forward” by Bonnie Bogovich, The Bwak Choir (Besaid Mix)
  • “Echoes of the Ronso” by Jeff Swingle (Besaid Mix)
  • “Ifrit’s Tune of Spira’s Fayth” by Lucas Guimaraes (Besaid Mix)
  • “Persistence” by Brandon Strader (Zanarkand Mix)

Pretty cool, huh? I didn’t plan for all my guest spots to be on one album, and my song on the other — that’s just how they separated the songs while they were making it. Until next time, enjoy the music!

New Arrangement ‘All Bark and No Bite’ from Super Mario RPG!

Welcome! I have a “new” song to share, something I made for a Super Mario RPG tribute once upon a time. This covers the “Beware the Forest Mushrooms” theme and was more or less created to address complaints about how someone would cover this theme. I basically did what the person didn’t want to hear. The other option was death metal, so this is a little more fun. If you like your EDM to be extra divisive, this song is for you!

I’ve always liked this song, and consider it the one memorable song from the game, which I never got far in. There’s probably other songs that are decent, but I’ve never heard ’em, and I probably never will! Enjoy this one, and keep an eye out for the next song! Thanks!

Atrius Endures! The Liberty Podcasts

Hi! I’ve neglected to talk about this much on my website, but the severe lack of posts or news here needs to change. This is one of the things that has been occupying a lot of my time recently. Liberty is a lot of things: a comic, an audio drama, and a horror podcast called Tales from the Tower. There’s also an album coming out in the near future (a big announcement) that is based in the Liberty universe. I’ll most-likely have a post for that when it is announced or the details are revealed.

I started working on the Liberty podcast because it was created by Careless from the duo Careless Juja. You may recognize that as the name of the band whom I am playing bass for and arranging some songs.. Oh, and we’re playing a live show in Orlando, Florida at the end of September. I’ll probably have yet another post detailing that and sharing the poster a bit later on.

We’re already through 2 seasons of Liberty: Critical Research, and the story was wrapped up pretty nicely. We’ll soon(ish) be working on a motion comic in the Liberty universe called Liberty: Deception which is the comic book in audio form. We’re currently doing the second season of Tales from the Tower, the spinoff horror series.

I’ve been having a good time working on this show, and it’s been really weird hearing about how popular it has become on iTunes and on the internetwebs. I am thankful to have this opportunity and all related opportunities that have come my way due to meeting Careless and Juja. They’re good guys. Please do keep up with the show on iTunes or SoundCloud or whichever is easiest! It may not be new original music or remixes, but I’ll get to those as well as soon as life permits me to.

Until next time…. Atrius endures!

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