New ReMix ‘Legendary’! New Server!

July 22, 2014

Greetings, friends! I’m extremely happy to announce that I’ve finally decided to leave Godaddy in the dust. I can’t express how awful they have been over the last couple years, especially when I made the switch to php and using wordpress. They simply did not have the ability to serve wordpress sites. My site spent most of its time being down and nobody was able to access it. Worst of all, I was not able to access it, and I get the most value out of  the site in a weird way. But long story short, it’s fully functional now on Lithium Hosting and it loads the fastest I have EVER seen it load before. Couldn’t be happier.

I’ve got some more remixes headed your way, and the Kickstarter is still going as well! But at the moment, let’s talk about….. Legendary, a remix of Inazuma Eleven that was featured on my good pal Hakstock’s Futebol Arte: World Cup tribute EP.  (more…)


Did I start a Kickstarter?

July 8, 2014

Uhm… yes. Yes I did!


It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a very long time. The actual process to get verified by Amazon and Kickstarter was a huge headache. It took weeks and weeks. Then I let the accounts sit for months and months. The plan was to make a Kickstarter for my new album, UnCaged. Things happened, I started having less and less time to make that album, and eventually it was just a memory.S'more

Now I am here with a Kickstarter for… making ‘smores? Wait, that can’t be right — can it?

Well, yes… it started as a joke after seeing the success of Potato Salad — and common feelings that Kickstarter has “jumped the shark” like so many things do these days — but quickly evolved into something more. When this
project is done, all of the backers will receive a free copy of my next EP — at least I think it’ll be a little EP, maybe half an hour or so of music. They’ll also receive pictures of s’mores and maybe even a s’more if they’re particularly generous with their pledges.

But why not just start a Kickstarter to fund the EP? Wouldn’t that make more money?

Short answer is I’m not interested in funding for the EP. I’d rather people just listen to the music and enjoy it. I don’t want to put a whole ton of arbitrary rules on the music, or list 5,000 people as “executive producers”, or write songs about a unicorn’s rainbow fart quest because that is what a backer wanted. Instead, we’re going to make some s’mores — and it’s going to be a fun little experiment. And it’s going to be delicious.


Mixing and Mastering for Careless Juja

June 17, 2014


Greetings again, friends! I’m here to tell you about an amazing experience, two great dudes, and what has become a really great album that you should not miss.

It all started when I got a random call from a mystery person to my Google Voice number. I don’t really use it, but I’ll get the occasional wrong number or text from a stranger. What I received was a voicemail left by the one and only Careless, one half of the duo that makes up Careless Juja. I still have that message, and it’s actually saved to my smartphone as an MP3 which is a little odd, but I had to download it to hear it.

At first, all they wanted was to collaborate with me on the title track — Professor Layton & The Bay Harbor Butcher, which starts out with some cool music from Professor Layton and ends with the Blood Theme from the TV show, Dexter. I checked out their MIDI, wrote the ending — including a ridiculous shift to 3/4 that I think people will recognize as part of my style, sadly. Some nice strings mimicking the style of Dexter’s music, piano, acoustic guitar… they built upon that later on. I also shifted some junk around during the song and was generally fussy about some of the timing and stuff which lead to some interesting moments in the final song. I’ll admit, I haven’t checked out the Professor Layton series yet or its music, so my contribution to that song was primarily Dexter. I’ll definitely make sure to see what the deal is with this whole Professor Layton thing. ;) Keep reading for more of this awesome tale… (more…)


New ReMix! Super Mario 64 ‘Prog Mario’

June 17, 2014

New ReMixThe Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons ReMix (I Like, Like Like You)
New ReMixCall of Duty Ghosts ReMix – Legends Never Die (Blackwater Ops)

Hello! It has been a while since I’ve made a post here with the new music. I apologize. It’s because I have been insanely busy with a large number of different projects. One of those projects will be detailed in the news post directly following this one. :) Hit “Read more” to keep reading. No, really, do it! (more…)


New ReMix “Embrace the Night”

February 1, 2014

Hey! Here is a fairly new remix that debuted a month ago at the MAGFest 12 Dwelling of Duels. It’s a remix of Fear Not This Night from Guild Wars 2 and will be featured on my Endless Night vocal album that I’m working on! Needless to say, this song is a big inspiration for the album as a whole, and working with Cheryl Norfair was a real pleasure. She did all the lead vocals for the song.

I’m still tweaking the song a little, but the youtube version here is pretty solid. I’m just going to adjust the vocals a little and make them sit better in the mix… mostly, raise some volumes here and there.

Working on this was such a surreal experience and everything came together so flawlessly, and effortlessly.. it’s really unbelievable. I am consistently surprised by each new remix I poop out because it never seems like they will be as good as they are until they’re close to completion. Anyway, enjoy this remix! I might release other full songs like this on Youtube in the future, but most of the album songs will probably just be 30 second previews from this point on. I don’t want to give TOO much away. Thank you!