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Atrius Endures! The Liberty Podcasts

Hi! I’ve neglected to talk about this much on my website, but the severe lack of posts or news here needs to change. This is one of the things that has been occupying a lot of my time recently. Liberty is a lot of things: a comic, an audio drama, and a horror podcast called Tales from the Tower. There’s also an album coming out in the near future (a big announcement) that is based in the Liberty universe. I’ll most-likely have a post for that when it is announced or the details are revealed.

I started working on the Liberty podcast because it was created by Careless from the duo Careless Juja. You may recognize that as the name of the band whom I am playing bass for and arranging some songs.. Oh, and we’re playing a live show in Orlando, Florida at the end of September. I’ll probably have yet another post detailing that and sharing the poster a bit later on.

We’re already through 2 seasons of Liberty: Critical Research, and the story was wrapped up pretty nicely. We’ll soon(ish) be working on a motion comic in the Liberty universe called Liberty: Deception which is the comic book in audio form. We’re currently doing the second season of Tales from the Tower, the spinoff horror series.

I’ve been having a good time working on this show, and it’s been really weird hearing about how popular it has become on iTunes and on the internetwebs. I am thankful to have this opportunity and all related opportunities that have come my way due to meeting Careless and Juja. They’re good guys. Please do keep up with the show on iTunes or SoundCloud or whichever is easiest! It may not be new original music or remixes, but I’ll get to those as well as soon as life permits me to.

Until next time…. Atrius endures!

New Arrangement ‘Leap of Faith’ from Final Fantasy VI!

Hey! It’s been a nice little while, hasn’t it? I’ve got a new arrangement here with help from my friends in Careless Juja. The one called Careless performed the live accordion, and the one entitled Juja performed the lead guitars and nylon guitar. Thanks a ton to them for the help. Did you know they actually brought me into their band? They haven’t changed the name to Careless Juja Strader yet, but I’m working on it.

I’ve been super busy lately, between working 2 jobs to get full time (sometimes more), sleeping, and working on music projects (for other people), there’s not a ton of time left over for me to work on my own music stuff.. I keep saying that’s going to change, but it doesn’t seem to be changing. I just finished mixing and mastering a large album at the end of April and hopefully can tell you about that in the near future. Now I’m mixing and mastering the Liberty: Tales from the Tower podcast because Season 2 of Critical Research has ended.

I’ve got a LOT of music plans, specifically for this weekend, and for this year as well — including but not limited to finishing my next original album… It’s about time! I’d also like to make a Final Fantasy VII 20th anniversary tribute, but no telling if I’ll have the time for that. I could always try to do FF8: Collision Course next year if this year doesn’t work out for FF7. :) Or hey, if possible, I could do both. Let’s see. Until next time!

New Arrangement ‘Broken Dream’ from Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons!

Hey! Things have been crazy lately. I did find a second job, and now I don’t have a ton of free time like I used to. The new job is pretty demanding and intense too, so my energy levels have been pretty low at the end of the day. I managed to squeeze in some time yesterday to finally render a video for Broken Dream, so I’m pretty glad to present that to you here now! Continue reading

New Arrangement ‘Timeless Calamity’ from Chrono Cross!

Hey! Sorry, no new music to share right now, although I do have a couple of songs very near completion that I am hoping to finish soon. This arrangement of Time’s Scar is actually from July, and I forgot to share it here.

Just a quick update to say I haven’t totally disappeared. I’m just looking for a new job right now, and there’s a little bit of uncertainty and anxiety involved with that whole process. Right now, finding a decent and dependable job is my top priority, and sadly music is secondary right now. Hopefully not for too long. On another note, I’ll be turning 29 in two days. Unbelievable, I don’t know what to think of basically being 30. Anywho, I hope to provide more uplifting news in the future, and maybe share a song or two, but nothing new right now. Keep being awesome!


New Arrangement ‘Cynic’s Mind’ from Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late!

Welp, I just used the last of my energy writing the game’s title again… am I kidding? Not even! It’s been an insane few weeks. Work has been absolutely awful, and I haven’t had any time off except to sleep and a few personal hours that vanished like tears in rain. But never you fear, for there is a new fan arrangement afoot!

This is from.. ok, nevermind. You see the title up there! That’s what it is from. It’s an arrangement of the Erudite Eyes theme. The style is similar, but less electronic and more rock. It’s weird, I can do electronic music, and I can do hard rock and metal, but if I try to combine them it always ends up being more of one than the other. In this case, it’s more guitar riffs and chuggs. I-I’ll try to g-get better. ;_;

Anywho, hope you like it. Pretty short notes this time, but there’s really not much to say. The song was quite tricky for some of the guitar parts. It’s faster and heavier than the other stuff I’ve been playing with lately. I think you may get a taste of different musical directions in the future. Until next time, take care! L’uomo mangia il gatto!

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