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New ReMix ‘Beyond’!

Bonjour! This was my entry into Dwelling of Duel’s MAGFest month this year, but interestingly, it’s also one of the songs I had planned to make for my vocal remix album, Endless Night, which is totally still a thing. Right now I am planning to not take on any new free remixing projects or other type of free projects so that I can focus on a few important things: my original album and my vocal remix album. These most importantly, but also some other projects that I owe to people. The sad fact is that if I don’t strictly limit the amount of projects I take on, then this vocal remix album is never going to happen. And honestly, it’s more important that I finish it (and my original album of course) than creating occasional remixes with no specific goal in mind. Having said that, I’ll probably still have remixes to put up on youtube for you guys, and I might still enter Dwelling of Duels too, but seriously, I need to focus on these albums.

‘Beyond’ kinda follows the theme of Chapter 1, which is orchestrated rock / acoustic with a little bit of heavy guitar thrown in, but mostly emotional ballad type songs. For example, “Don’t Even Try” is also part of this chapter. So very happy with how this song came out, and incredibly overjoyed to be working with Cheryl for the album. She said she is interested in doing vocals throughout the album, so it will be a very special collaboration. I won’t have to worry about finding a bunch of people, and then receiving inconsistent results! It’s all going to be good.

As for Endless Night, so many ideas are still flowing for the album. A couple songs have been dropped, but have been replaced with more lyrically suitable replacements. Most notably the prologue and epilogue have been replaced. However I am not against dropping a song here or there if I just find it too tricky to work with. Preferably I’ll do that before I try working on said songs though. Really exciting songs coming next, good collaborations. Can’t share too many details now. I will have to start withholding some of the songs soon — if I just released them all as soon as they were done, there’d be no anticipation for the album. If anyone is still following along, THANK YOU!! I will make the original album and the remix album GREAT AGAIN!!

New ReMix ‘Familiar Waves’

Hey folks! I really need to update the website more often. Hopefully I’ll get to that. I have some new remixes to share, so you can either check them out on my youtube page, or wait until I add them all here. ;)

Here is Familiar Waves, a song from Ecco the Dolphin (Sega CD) that I made for a compilation called SOUND WAVES. I wanted to try something more new age-like, easy listening, without a lot of instruments. I keep getting burnt out by making stuff that’s fully orchestrated. I love orchestrated stuff, but it’s a lot of work and a ton of tiny details to keep in mind. Playing each part isn’t so bad, but humanizing everything with modulation, EQing it all, mixing it all… it adds up. Though that’s the story of any studio musician, writing and playing the music is always going to be less of a chore than the post-production stuff, which is more like crunching the numbers on some level.

So this was a great break from that workflow. A couple small electric guitar lines, bass guitar, a few synths, and drums. The idea was to make a wall of sound without actually writing in a wall of sound, and that bass guitar combined with the synth pad did a great job of making this small ensemble sound “big”! Not to mention that eBow in there.

I hope you dig the mix, and look forward to short stories about ones I’ll post in the future. :) Some of my jobs I’ve written about before have dissipated while others may be on the horizon. I’ll learn from my mistake of writing about stuff that has the potential to fall apart. I have faith in future projects, but that’s not enough! Until next time, adios!

New ReMix ‘On The Wind’

Hey! I am still here, still alive.. still around, doing things.. well, certain things. It’s the one year anniversary of the day I totaled my car. It’s been a rough start of 2016 with the loss of David Bowie, Lemmy Kilmeister, Alan Rickman, and so many other people that were awesome. Bowie in particular was such a big influence on me, mostly in the way that he delivers his vocals, though I wish I was a fraction of the musician he was so that I had the ability to draw much inspiration from his arrangements… I am still learning, though at a snail’s pace these days. Continue reading

New ReMixes and Latest Events

Ahoy hoy. It’s been a little while since I’ve updated the site. My bad. I have been putting new mixes on YouTube, including I Am Gonna Stop Eventually (above), Doomed Lovers, Blakk Majik, Rebellion, and hopefully I’ll get around to putting more up before too long. It has been a pretty challenging time for me. Work has been good, my schedule this year has never been more consistent. It’s nice to get 40 hours a week plus overtime once in a while. Struggling with sleep issues and anxiety has made it a bit troubling and has kept me from doing too much personal music stuff. I have still been doing other jobs, though.  Continue reading

New ReMix ‘Panem et Circenses’! And some news…

Welcome to the world of tomorrooooow!! It may be a little crazy to remix Final Fantasy XV so early, right? Well — maybe not! I made my Skyrim remix in July and the game came out in November. At the very least, the FFXV demo Episode Duscae will be out on March 17th so this isn’t too outrageous. Hopefully the demo features the song that I have remixed here.

worldoftomorrowThis mix was a ton of fun to work on. I have very high hopes for the game and the music which we should get a taste of in the demo. I am pumped, to say the least. I wanted to make another mix like Whovian Waltz, which you may remember as my remix of The Grinch on the Dreamcast. Mostly it was a stylistic inspiration; acoustic guitars, 3/4, kind of a waltz. The supporting instrumentation is different here. The song was also inspired by Pain of Salvation’s “Sleeping Under the Stars” which mostly played a big part in the inspiration of the arrangement of the piano for my mix. That’s a weird way of saying it, but hopefully you get what I mean if you check them out.

Life has been punishing lately; it’s been like Dark Souls 2 almost, except I managed to not die yet. I don’t often enough  talk about my personal life on my own personal blog here… maybe an oversight? Not sure. But to make it brief, Continue reading

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