This is something I’ve wanted to write about for about a week. There are a lot of people who think you need to smother a song with tons of layers and individual instruments. A lot of the time, this leads to your music becoming crowded and having less impact. At least until you gain the skills to effortlessly combine a rock band, full orchestra, and synth elements all in one song. I am just now getting to the point where I would attempt this after making music for over 12 years. I had a specific example that I wanted to display, though the change between both versions of the song is almost completely unnoticeable.


This is a song, entitled “Anthem”, that Iced Earth released back in 2011 on the album ‘Dystopia’. There is a bonus track of a “Strings Mix” version of this song on the same album. When I initially listened to this song, I thought that it was quite strong, somewhat raw and a fist-pumping straight forward song. Band-oriented — you’ll hear guitars, bass, drums, and vocals. This is a perfectly legitimate and acceptable formation to record with. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. If you are recording music on your own at home or in a studio, like many of us do, write what you want to write. If that means no synth elements, no orchestration — hey, even no vocals — that’s perfectly fine. Continue reading —  Continue reading