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New ReMix “Embrace the Night”

Hey! Here is a fairly new remix that debuted a month ago at the MAGFest 12 Dwelling of Duels. It’s a remix of Fear Not This Night from Guild Wars 2 and will be featured on my Endless Night vocal album that I’m working on! Needless to say, this song is a big inspiration for the album as a whole, and working with Cheryl Norfair was a real pleasure. She did all the lead vocals for the song.

I’m still tweaking the song a little, but the youtube version here is pretty solid. I’m just going to adjust the vocals a little and make them sit better in the mix… mostly, raise some volumes here and there.

Working on this was such a surreal experience and everything came together so flawlessly, and effortlessly.. it’s really unbelievable. I am consistently surprised by each new remix I poop out because it never seems like they will be as good as they are until they’re close to completion. Anyway, enjoy this remix! I might release other full songs like this on Youtube in the future, but most of the album songs will probably just be 30 second previews from this point on. I don’t want to give TOO much away. Thank you!

Merry Christmas! “Don’t Even Try” from Endless Night

Merry Christmas, everyone! I’ve got a little gift for you here, which I hope you enjoy. This is a remix of Exile Vilify by The National which was featured in Portal 2. It will be on my vocal remix album, Endless Night, which I’ll be working on throughout 2014. This’ll probably appear somewhat early on the album. It was a joy to write and record this, and get back into the swing of working on music again. It’s always easier than I remember it being, but I can’t help but feel unmotivated. No idea why, it just happens.

As for Christmas, I spent a pretty decent 6 hours with my parents before I had to sleep before work. It has really just become “another day” for me, which is sad. I miss the Christmases we used to have when I was younger. It’s probably my fault that Christmas isn’t epic enough, it should really be up to me to make sure that it is… but to be honest, I just wanted to sleep. I guess this is where life has put me at this point. Anyway, enjoy the song, and have a great new year. :)

Announcement: Brandon Strader’s Endless Night



Hi. I am announcing this a little early, because I am simply too excited to just sit on this news. I have been planning a vocal remix album for over a year now, which involved a lot of research — finding game music composed by bands, or just by composers with vocalists. All of this research resulted in a playlist of game music that features vocals, and has a somewhat consistent lyrical theme throughout all of the songs. That playlist is going to result in… a new remix album from me in 2014 called ENDLESS NIGHT!

I’ve finished one song for it already, and am elbows deep in another song that is almost fully written.  The song that is finished, a remix of The National‘s Exile Vilify from Portal 2 will be releasing early as a part of An OverClocked Christmas which is coordinated by Will “Dyne” Gaugler. That album will be out in 2 days. I might also put the song on youtube, maybe on Christmas Day if I am able to do it then.

I am very excited about this album, and I hope you will be too. Here are some of the songs that will appear on the album:

The National‘s Exile Vilify from Portal 2 (The remix is called Don’t Even Try)
Alec Holowka‘s Lost to the Waves from Aquaria
David Bowie‘s Survive and New Angels of Promise from Omikron: The Nomad Soul
Akira Yamaoka‘s Take Me To Hell (Broken Dream) from Shadows of the Damned
Poets of the Fall‘s Late Goodbye from Max Payne 2
Blind Guardian‘s Sacred Worlds from Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

…and several more.

Some of them are by bands, while others are by well-established composers and musicians. All of the songs involved were made specifically for video games. I expect the genre of my remixes will be mainly organic music involving guitar (acoustic and heavy) and piano, among many other elements. You can get a taste of what I have in mind when Don’t Even Try drops in a couple days. In the meantime, follow me on twitter and use the hashtag #SHADETHEDAY

You can also follow me on Facebook.

However, you should simply bookmark my website if you want to follow this album. I’ve made a category for it which will make it easy to find specific news items for this album. Thank you!




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