Hi! I love Windows 7 and I’ve been using it pretty regularly on both my music studio computer and recently my netbook too, since the original Windows XP somehow corrupted. Anyway, I was a bit worried that my Alesis io|26 firewire recording interface wouldn’t be compatible with Windows 7, so I sent an email to their support asking if they are going to be updating the support for the device to work with Windows 7. I’ll attach the response I got to the bottom of this, as it’s worth a read.

Right now the studio computer is running Cubase 5 and every VST I had been using on XP before I upgraded — even Auto-Tune — and I haven’t had any problems. It is even running the Alesis io|26 firewire with a driver I found on the internet that someone said Alesis had released for Windows 7 but then quickly yanked. I haven’t had any problems with it whatsoever, but I understand that there are probably people who are. Anyway, hit the bump to check out the response I got!


Thank you for your interest in Alesis!  I will be glad to help.

We currently support your product in XP and Vista.  Windows 7 is not currently supported.  It is too early to adopt this new operating system for working with 3rd party software and 3rd party hardware devices attached to your computer.

When a new operating system comes out, you usually need to wait months, sometimes a year before all the software and drivers catch up to that new operating system.   That computer will work for searching the internet and using any applications that it comes with, but the rest of the computing world has to test on it.   It is best to assume other products will not work on a brand new operating system unless it is specifically advertized as windows 7 compatible.

With the past releases of Win 98, 2000, XP, and Vista, it was many months before the majority of software and hardware on the market were considered ‘supported’ on the new platform.  Windows 7 is not a minor update by any means, and any decision to update a given computer should be considered carefully.  Windows Vista had been on the market for well over a year when in early October 2009, Microsoft announced the second largest patch ever for one of their operating systems…fixing 36 issues in Vista which they deemed critical.  With Windows 7, it will likely be 6 months to a year before the DJ and/or Recording industries as a whole will be adopting and recommending Windows 7 as a preferred platform for any professional application. That said, we are fully committed to supporting emerging technologies, and are working now on updated Windows 7 compatible drivers for our entire current line of products.