Hi! I was interviewed earlier by Mirby Studios. You can find the original interview here, and you can also read it in this post.

Interview with a ReMixer: Volume 9

And now, a Mirby Studios web-exclusive! Actually, I’m only posting this here. Brandon Strader, formerly known as Oinkness, alias BrandonS is a bit infamous for various reasons at OCR. But he has started a few bands, and remixed a few tracks, so he knows his way around a soundtrack and a sound system. He requested an interview, and all I could do was oblige. So here it is!

Mirby: What started your interest in video game music?

BrandonS: My introduction into video game music is probably the same as a lot of people; it was Final Fantasy VII. That was one of the first real non-pong type games I played when I was a kid. Then I moved on to FF8 and loved it too. My love for video game music continued from there in a predictable fashion.
M: What started your interest in remixing?
B: I visited OC ReMix in 2000 and was very impressed by the music I heard there. I tried to make a remix in 2001 and it was simply terrible. I think it almost passed at OCR, but times were different back then. Kingdom Hearts techno was a perfectly reasonable venture and wouldn’t have been ridiculed at the time. After a couple discouraging defeats, I left OCR for several years and started the bands Rainwound and In Staid Grace, as well as performing with other bands. I came back to OCR in August 2009 in an attempt to finally pass a remix there, and have a reason to make more musics.
M: Are there any tracks you’ve done that you’re more proud of or like more than the others?
B: That would definitely be “A Hog In His Prime” for the Sonic – Sound of Speed album. I did the staff credits, also known as the ending medley. It includes most of the themes from the game, including the special stage and drowning music… It really covers that whole game. Nothing I’ve made since then has come close to how great that one is.
M: Are there any remixers or musicians you haven’t collaborated with in the past that you’d like to collaborate with in the future?
B: That’s really a tough one.. I’ve been lucky enough to collab with the people I like. I got dialogue from Brushfire and Level 99 for a ZeroWing remix, and am working on a couple songs with halc. I’m also working pretty hard on a lot of material with Usa. I think if I had to choose someone, it would be blackguitar. He just had an awesome Metroid song pass at OC ReMix.
M: Any tracks you’d like to remix in the future?
B: I’m hoping to do The Shire theme from Lord of the Rings for the SNES.
M: Do you have a favorite track from a game? B: That’s way too hard to choose. I love Nobuo Uematsu’s work, and Motoi Sakuraba.. Garry Schyman makes some awesome stuff. I usually like a game’s whole soundtrack instead of just a single song.
M: That leads into my next question, oddly enough… Do you have a favorite video-game composer?
B: Nobuo Uematsu, for sure.
M: Lastly, what do you enjoy most about remixing video game music?
B: I enjoy hearing the music from a different perspective. You can take a soft song and turn it into metal, or you can take a heavy battle theme and turn it into an acoustic ballad. I’m not particularly fond of the electronica remixes but I’m guilty of making a few of those myself. I really love working on a song for a bunch of hours and having a really good idea, and then hearing it all put together and finished. There’s not a much better feeling when it comes to making any kind of music!