My first acoustic album, Life, is now available for purchase on Amazon MP3 at this location.  The price that Amazon sets for the album is $8.99 and each song by itself is also available for 99 cents each. Needless to say, I am very excited to see if the album sells on Amazon. This was a test to see if there is interest in this kind of music through Amazon MP3, incase I decide to release the new CD in that in the future.

The album should also be opening up for CD sales at Amazon soon at a price of $10. You can get a nice jewel case with some lyrics, professional quality printed CD. Of course that would be a lot easier for people who can’t or don’t  want to download the mp3s. The band only sees 50 cents per CD that way though, so the best way to support the music would either be through the mp3s, buying a CD from me directly (request one!) or just making a donation. I’ve got a donation button out there somewhere. I’ll see if I can figure out how to add it to the site! In the meantime, if Amazon mp3 is something you regularly do, enjoy this! Thank you!