Thanks again to the good folks at OC ReMix, here is my God of War ReMix for the Heroes vs. Villains album. This is a mix I worked on for a very long time last year, and was lucky it turned out so good. With the album being Heroes vs. Villains, I really wanted to outdo the villain of this match-up, who was a cool and talented man named Kunal Majmudar covering the Zeus theme. As for who won the match-up, that’s for the audience to decide.

For some insight into the song, you can check out djpretzel’s write-up at

I am posting this a little earlier than I did the last one, so I haven’t seen the extent of the response yet. However, the youtube comments are all overwhelmingly good and it has 25 likes so far, no dislikes. It was an honor to cover these themes and the fact that people enjoy the song is awesome.