Hi! As a part of my attempt to dominate streaming media, I have prepared a ustream.tv account as well as an ongoing Skype account. I am planning to install both of these on my netbook which will be placed possibly on the mantle along with an HD Webcam. With an overly complex system of wires, I have discovered a way to broadcast a constant video stream of my recording studio while also supplying an audio feed that will cover my full PC sound, including music recording and Skype. I’ve actually installed Skype on the Netbook, though logically I will need to run it on the Studio computer instead. I hadn’t thought of that properly. If I tried to run it from the Netbook, I wouldn’t be able to hear anyone talking to me. Apart from that it would have worked perfectly.

So basically what I am saying here is that I’m planning to hook up an ongoing video feed of my studio. It may involve more fooling around than actual music making… It may be like a window looking into my life, which I’m not entirely sure will work out well. But that’s why it is an experiment. Who would want a 24 hour stream of my studio? Especially with the large gaps of time when I am sleeping or at other places. Oh well! Nobody who ever tried anything cool thought about all of the pros and cons in advance. Keep an ear out for news in the near future!