I forgot to post this one for quite a while… no, there’s nothing to read into that — I was just working on new music and forgot. I created a new EP for Rainwound which will be releasing this Sunday at http://rainwound.bandcamp.com/ for free download (name your price). ┬áSo Celestial Entrance was one of the earlier remixes I made in 2009. My goal with it was to mix an electronic sound with organic elements. I had a bass guitar, guitar solo, as well as recorded percussion elements. When I struggled to get my version past the judging panel at OC ReMix, I asked my friend halc to help out. He stepped in, and using my notes and recorded wavs, remixed the song. Below is what he had to work with:

So if you listen closely enough, you can hear that all of the synth writing is intact in the new version, with a couple little additions. A lot of sound changes to match halc’s chippy style, and I think the percussion was changed a bit. He may have sliced the loop I originally used but I’m not sure. The coffee can I had recorded was removed, but I am very happy that the scratched wedding bells, as well as the ringing of them, was left intact in the final song. These were wedding bells that I received at my cousin Kaila’s wedding. I brought them home, and immediately recorded them for this song. They sound really awesome, so I would totally scratch them again for a future song.