After a seemingly endless drought of music posted to OC ReMix — which actually was only 4 months but I am toooootally impatient — I am happy to present Hogging Molly, a Crash Bandicoot collaboration between Rexy and myself. You may remember that we had previously collaborated on a little song called Hogtied. Strangely enough, we also have another collaboration that will be posted to OC ReMix eventually called Liquid Metal, which is available on The Wettening EP and only features her on vocals. I have enjoyed working with Rexy because she makes really good arrangements, and fixing those up and adding my own stuff is soooo much easier than just writing a song from scratch, muahaha…. As for Liquid Metal, I didn’t even expect her to be able to record those vocals but she did. So…

Rexy’s very talented at writing music, and we’ve become pretty good friends over the last year or however long it has been. This will almost certainly mean more collaborations in the future that I hope you all will enjoy. I can say right now that we have a Teen Agent remix in progress, which has been written, and I am currently editing the midi data and selecting instruments, and boring things like that. She is also writing a Breath of Death VII remix at my request! So needless to say, things are going pretty well and some amazing music is coming.

On a sadder note, I do have a ton of remixes waiting to be posted at OC ReMix, and I haven’t uploaded a legitimate song to Youtube in what feels like a month. I don’t know if I have lost the spark that kept me going to the point where I pretty much made about 70 remixes, or maybe I’m just discouraged because I’ve made too much and nobody will hear it. I have been trying to think of ways to produce a few things… personal things maybe. I might even have to dive into making a new acoustic album as the true follow-up to ‘Always Remember’.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading. :D