Hey, friends! I hope you liked the blog post I made before about the console war. It was a fun little thing to write, and I hope to do more stuff like that in the future, though I’m not sure what it would actually be about. I definitely need to return to writing tutorials if I can. Anyway, on to some fun matters! Here is my Sonic CD remix of the Final Fever JP theme. It was featured on OC ReMix’s Temporal Duality album, and the project director, SuperiorX, allowed me to use the album title as the song’s title. I requested that because at the time, I felt very insecure about the mix, and I didn’t think I reached the lengths that I wanted to with the mix. In a sense it was rushed in that I could have potentially done a lot more in, say, a month, but I used extra time to make it what it currently is. It is by no means a rushed song.

I am now super happy with how it came out, and I truly enjoy listening to it. It’s very different from anything I’ve ever done, and isn’t too similar to anything I could seek out to listen to. I love having made something that is fairly unique in this way. I think using the album’s title for it was a great decision in the end, as it was a great album. The music is better than anything I am capable of and it is really an honor and quite flattering to have been able to be involved at all along with those other musicians. I consider my current musical phase to be my creative peak, so it was depressing to hear how much better all of these other folks are than I am. Sure, I can keep learning how to engineer, mix, and master, but even the amount of detail and finesse I put into this mix is no match for some of the other musicians involved in the album.

I hope you like the song! Hit me up on twitter and let me know what you think. If you’d like to download the free album, you can do that here.