Merry Christmas, everyone! I’ve got a little gift for you here, which I hope you enjoy. This is a remix of Exile Vilify by The National which was featured in Portal 2. It will be on my vocal remix album, Endless Night, which I’ll be working on throughout 2014. This’ll probably appear somewhat early on the album. It was a joy to write and record this, and get back into the swing of working on music again. It’s always easier than I remember it being, but I can’t help but feel unmotivated. No idea why, it just happens.

As for Christmas, I spent a pretty decent 6 hours with my parents before I had to sleep before work. It has really just become “another day” for me, which is sad. I miss the Christmases we used to have when I was younger. It’s probably my fault that Christmas isn’t epic enough, it should really be up to me to make sure that it is… but to be honest, I just wanted to sleep. I guess this is where life has put me at this point. Anyway, enjoy the song, and have a great new year. :)