Hey! Here is a fairly new remix that debuted a month ago at the MAGFest 12 Dwelling of Duels. It’s a remix of Fear Not This Night from Guild Wars 2 and will be featured on my Endless Night vocal album that I’m working on! Needless to say, this song is a big inspiration for the album as a whole, and working with Cheryl Norfair was a real pleasure. She did all the lead vocals for the song.

I’m still tweaking the song a little, but the youtube version here is pretty solid. I’m just going to adjust the vocals a little and make them sit better in the mix… mostly, raise some volumes here and there.

Working on this was such a surreal experience and everything came together so flawlessly, and effortlessly.. it’s really unbelievable. I am consistently surprised by each new remix I poop out because it never seems like they will be as good as they are until they’re close to completion. Anyway, enjoy this remix! I might release other full songs like this on Youtube in the future, but most of the album songs will probably just be 30 second previews from this point on. I don’t want to give TOO much away. Thank you!