Greetings again, friends! I’m here to tell you about an amazing experience, two great dudes, and what has become a really great album that you should not miss.

It all started when I got a random call from a mystery person to my Google Voice number. I don’t really use it, but I’ll get the occasional wrong number or text from a stranger. What I received was a voicemail left by the one and only Careless, one half of the duo that makes up Careless Juja. I still have that message, and it’s actually saved to my smartphone as an MP3 which is a little odd, but I had to download it to hear it.

At first, all they wanted was to collaborate with me on the title track — Professor Layton & The Bay Harbor Butcher, which starts out with some cool music from Professor Layton and ends with the Blood Theme from the TV show, Dexter. I checked out their MIDI, wrote the ending — including a ridiculous shift to 3/4 that I think people will recognize as part of my style, sadly. Some nice strings mimicking the style of Dexter’s music, piano, acoustic guitar… they built upon that later on. I also shifted some junk around during the song and was generally fussy about some of the timing and stuff which lead to some interesting moments in the final song. I’ll admit, I haven’t checked out the Professor Layton series yet or its music, so my contribution to that song was primarily Dexter. I’ll definitely make sure to see what the deal is with this whole Professor Layton thing. ;) Keep reading for more of this awesome tale…

Later on, I offered to master the song. And a few other songs. And eventually, I was on board to master the entire album. OK — that’s cool, I love mastering! Then later still, I offered to mix AND master one of their songs. Eventually, I offered to mix and master the entire album. At first Careless seemed a little hesitant of the idea as they had their specific mixing just as any musician has their own Careless Jujamixing style… but as time went on, the job went to me. In the end, that allowed me to give the album more consistency between each song, and I was also able to make a myriad of tweaks based on their suggestions and what they wanted to hear for the final album.

Unbeknownst to me, the duo Careless Juja were planning a Kickstarter. They mentioned me in it. They said I’d be mixing and mastering the album. It was set in stone, now I had to deliver! Ha, ha ha!  I had never in my wildest dreams expected this to pop up out of the blue one day. I was humbled and filled such an intense excitement for the future.

This is the first time I mixed and mastered an entire album for a band, and I was pretty adamant that they had to be satisfied with the final album for me to be satisfied with the work I was putting in. I sent in a first wave of mixes and got notes, then sent in another wave of the entire album. I got more notes, then moved closer to getting the final mixes. Through extensive back and forth over Facebook, and tweaking of VERY specific details that they wanted, we ultimately arrived at the final album! I couldn’t be happier with the quality and I truly enjoy the music. I am so lucky and honored to have been involved in such an amazing album.

I hope you guys will give this the chance it deserves and listen to it. It’s up for pre-order but will soon be available to stream and purchase. It should be on iTunes, Spotify, anything you can think of. I loved the experience and I hope I get the chance to mix and master more music for bands and other musicians in the future. If anyone is interested in these services, please let me know.

That’s it for now! I’m super excited for the album to release, and to receive my album through the Kickstarter backing. :)