Uhm… yes. Yes I did!


It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a very long time. The actual process to get verified by Amazon and Kickstarter was a huge headache. It took weeks and weeks. Then I let the accounts sit for months and months. The plan was to make a Kickstarter for my new album, UnCaged. Things happened, I started having less and less time to make that album, and eventually it was just a memory.S'more

Now I am here with a Kickstarter for… making ‘smores? Wait, that can’t be right — can it?

Well, yes… it started as a joke after seeing the success of Potato Salad — and common feelings that Kickstarter has “jumped the shark” like so many things do these days — but quickly evolved into something more. When this
project is done, all of the backers will receive a free copy of my next EP — at least I think it’ll be a little EP, maybe half an hour or so of music. They’ll also receive pictures of s’mores and maybe even a s’more if they’re particularly generous with their pledges.

But why not just start a Kickstarter to fund the EP? Wouldn’t that make more money?

Short answer is I’m not interested in funding for the EP. I’d rather people just listen to the music and enjoy it. I don’t want to put a whole ton of arbitrary rules on the music, or list 5,000 people as “executive producers”, or write songs about a unicorn’s rainbow fart quest because that is what a backer wanted. Instead, we’re going to make some s’mores — and it’s going to be a fun little experiment. And it’s going to be delicious.