Greetings, friends! I’m extremely happy to announce that I’ve finally decided to leave Godaddy in the dust. I can’t express how awful they have been over the last couple years, especially when I made the switch to php and using wordpress. They simply did not have the ability to serve wordpress sites. My site spent most of its time being down and nobody was able to access it. Worst of all, I was not able to access it, and I get the most value out of  the site in a weird way. But long story short, it’s fully functional now on Lithium Hosting and it loads the fastest I have EVER seen it load before. Couldn’t be happier.

I’ve got some more remixes headed your way, and the Kickstarter is still going as well! But at the moment, let’s talk about….. Legendary, a remix of Inazuma Eleven that was featured on my good pal Hakstock’s Futebol Arte: World Cup tribute EP. The original source is amazing. I knew I had to remix it as soon as I heard it, before I even realized it was Yasunori Mitsuda (legendary Chrono Trigger composer). I went a little different and used a lot of major chords, but I think it still — somehow — has a Brandony sound to it. I accidentally outputted the guitars too loud into the amp when I was reamping, so the signal clipped in the amp which made the tone a lot less full and less pleasant than I would have preferred. All things considered though, I really enjoy the song and I am glad to have gotten the opportunity to cover that. I hope you like it.

Coming in the near future, we’ve got some remixes from the Game Boy 25th Anniversary album I directed with help from Chernabogue (I did 2 remixes), and more beyond that! Keep an eye out for new material! Thank you!