My parents are insane. Well, maybe not, but there has to be something wrong with them to be able to put up with me for as long as they have! Plus music is not a very cheap hobby.

As a sort of tribute to them, I wrote this song called “For My Parents” on the night of February 6th, 2010. It’s not really what a person would think of when you say “song”, it’s more like a little backing track to play a solo on. I have a ton of fun playing solos over any old song and there aren’t many instrumental things such as this to choose from. I really enjoyed making this.

I used the brand new Ibanez S7320 7-string guitar to play the solos. The other sounds are all from Cubase and played with the Keystation. I have been going really overboard playing with the whammy bar for the last 2 days while I’ve had this guitar. It is a ton of fun, and I really enjoy the sound, but I’m not sure how others will think of it. Hopefully they like it. Because it’s probably going to be a very common thing for me from now on!