Dante's Inferno

This past Tuesday, two big games came out: BioShock 2, and Dante’s Inferno. I went with Dante’s Inferno, and I am really glad that I did. I enjoyed this game a lot, and I’ll probably have a lot more fun with it in the future. The┬áre-playability┬áis insane, and the Resurrection mode (new game+?) will help me max out the rest of my stats and such.

I have never read the Divine Comedy, so I only basically knew what to expect from the story. I really enjoyed the way that the story was told, through the beautiful cinematics, the guide Virgil.. even the animated sections were very good. I liked how they left it open at the end for a sequel, but also concluded the story in a way that doesn’t leave you hanging.

The graphic quality is incredible with this game. Not only is there a ton of detail put into pretty much every aspect of the design, but the framerate is very quick and it never stutters like most games do. The anti-aliasing is great as well, and there’s no annoying flickering lines. The graphics are really smooth, and the action is fast.

It’s worth mentioning that a lot of parts in this game are incredibly gross. A good example is the circle of “Lust”, where there is a huge topless demon lady, and other very grotesque creatures. There’s also the Unbaptized Babies that you’ve got to deal with. Little babies, making actual baby sounds. It was a little weird to kill these babies, and punish or absolve them. The glutton is also a fairly grotesque character. A big, naked fat person. All of the gross environments and characters add to the credibility of the story. Doesn’t really look like a place I’d want to be for real.

The sound design and orchestral score is simply stunning. The first time I heard all of the souls screaming was a really unnerving experience. The sound can get so intense, and the screaming is coming from everywhere. I remember a certain part in the circle of “Greed” where you’ve got to pull a lever that makes a large structure come down the wall. The souls sticking out of the wall, of course, get hurt by it. The sound at this spot was really intense, and I kept messing up the puzzle, so I had to hear it over and over. At some point it gets silly that you’re standing there hurting these things over and over, and the sound is so over the top!

Well, the game wasn’t very long, but there’s a lot of replay value in there, as well as being able to play this and talk about it with friends. There’s going to be some DLC in the near future that will also enable multiplayer, which should be a lot of fun. I could imagine starting up the game just to check out the video gallery of in-game videos. Everything is really well done with this game, and it’s definitely an interesting experience. I’d recommend it.

I had been waiting for this game since the day it was announced, and I was not disappointed!