Bonjour! This was my entry into Dwelling of Duel’s MAGFest month this year, but interestingly, it’s also one of the songs I had planned to make for my vocal remix album, Endless Night, which is totally still a thing. Right now I am planning to not take on any new free remixing projects or other type of free projects so that I can focus on a few important things: my original album and my vocal remix album. These most importantly, but also some other projects that I owe to people. The sad fact is that if I don’t strictly limit the amount of projects I take on, then this vocal remix album is never going to happen. And honestly, it’s more important that I finish it (and my original album of course) than creating occasional remixes with no specific goal in mind. Having said that, I’ll probably still have remixes to put up on youtube for you guys, and I might still enter Dwelling of Duels too, but seriously, I need to focus on these albums.

‘Beyond’ kinda follows the theme of Chapter 1, which is orchestrated rock / acoustic with a little bit of heavy guitar thrown in, but mostly emotional ballad type songs. For example, “Don’t Even Try” is also part of this chapter. So very happy with how this song came out, and incredibly overjoyed to be working with Cheryl for the album. She said she is interested in doing vocals throughout the album, so it will be a very special collaboration. I won’t have to worry about finding a bunch of people, and then receiving inconsistent results! It’s all going to be good.

As for Endless Night, so many ideas are still flowing for the album. A couple songs have been dropped, but have been replaced with more lyrically suitable replacements. Most notably the prologue and epilogue have been replaced. However I am not against dropping a song here or there if I just find it too tricky to work with. Preferably I’ll do that before I try working on said songs though. Really exciting songs coming next, good collaborations. Can’t share too many details now. I will have to start withholding some of the songs soon — if I just released them all as soon as they were done, there’d be no anticipation for the album. If anyone is still following along, THANK YOU!! I will make the original album and the remix album GREAT AGAIN!!