Hey! Here’s a new fan arrangement from Life is Strange covering Golden Hour and Blackwell Academy by the amazing Jonathan Morali. You might notice my change of language here — I find it more accurate and more fitting going forward into the future. At some point, I will differentiate works by being fan arrangements from games, covers of existing band songs, and hopefully original stuff. I still need to change things to match graphically, ¬†and can’t retroactively change some things, but this is how it’ll be! I have so many plans I need to catch up on but believe me, it’ll happen!

Life is Strange is one of the most important games I’ve ever played, and it has an amazing soundtrack of both original compositions by Jonathan Morali and a nice licensed soundtrack as well, which both go hand in hand to present an amazing indie music atmosphere. Although my remix pales in comparison to the original, I think it is one of my most successful mixes in terms of accomplishing what I set out to do from beginning to end.

I was burnt out by big productions, backing orchestration, and scope that makes music more of a chore on the back end than the writing and performing on the front end. This remix was my response to that feeling, wanting to make something just for myself, as well as subtractive arranging that dumps the rules to some extent in an effort to stay true to that indie / teenage sentiment and purity. Everything is deliberate in the mix, down to the angsty ending. I approached the ending from the mindset of how I would feel and how I would play if I was back in my old recording stomping grounds of my childhood bedroom circa 2005. Might sound cheesy or cliche, or absolutely fitting for a mix of this heart. It oozes personality and that makes it so meaningful to me.

I decided to eschew drums for most of the song and made a lot of arrangement and performance choices that were subtractive in order to create a more unique experience and go outside of the mold a little bit. It’s what I wanted to do rather than stick to a formula. In a lot of my mixes the backbone becomes the drums, or the piano, so I consciously decided to pull back heavily on these elements so that the purity of the music could shine through, possibly for the first time in one of my remixes where now the focus is on the instrumental performance more than synthetic elements.

So there you have my comments on this song, which was so much fun to create. I hope you enjoy it.