Hi. You may have seen my previous blog post on this site about stuff that happened on OC ReMix. In that post among other things, I said that I wanted all of my songs to remain up on OCR and proceed with the projects on the site. I have the utmost of gratitude for the artists and appreciate them deeply, and as well I appreciate the site staff for the hard work they put into keeping the site running and the project team with the assist who keeps that working. The problem is that I did a bad job of showing that appreciation, or more accurately tossed it back in their faces outright with assumptions of bad faith.

The truth is that I was really hurt by how the change was made without notification, probably more than I should have been, as this echoed events that were taking place in real life although much less serious. But in short, I overreacted to the monetization of the YouTube videos. I made some claims (such as the staff probably being paid) that I had no evidence of, and that was wrong. Other bad faith assumptions about various nefariousness were also wrong, and that was cleared up with communication.

The problem is that the heated debate got too personal. In the end I was making assumptions that were hurtful, and in return I was feeling hurt by statements or assumptions towards me. The ironic thing is that after seeing OCR’s future plans and how they are going to work towards them, I am fine with it — and it would have been great to continue working with the community. However I have been banned. The Final Fantasy 8 project (not sure if I ever announced it here) will be taken over by djpretzel, JJT, and zircon. While I love FF8 and would have seen it through, I can’t see as far ahead as 2019. I should have stuck to smaller projects that could be finished sooner. ToN is taking over Hometown Heroes and I’m quite glad about that too, he’ll do a great job. I would have loved to cover I am Setsuna for that album.

That brings us to the Final Fantasy 3 album which is really important and special to me, and a lot of other artists. The simple fact is that I don’t know what to do. Of course it has to be finished, and I want very much to finish it, and finish my songs for it too.

There’s a secret album that is 90% done which we had our hearts set on releasing at OCR… I may have messed that up.

While my stance about the secrecy of the monetization hasn’t changed, it was wrong to ever get into ad hominem territory. This never should have been a personal issue, and quite frankly I should have realized that sooner than a couple days ago. I gotta put my bruised ego and hurt feelings aside and hope that things will improve in the future or that at some point we could find peace with the situation. I don’t think either side really intended to hurt the other as much as what took place.

Still hoping and reflecting..in the meantime.. sleep, work, sleep, work on repeat.
God bless and thanks for reading.