Hey! Things have been crazy lately. I did find a second job, and now I don’t have a ton of free time like I used to. The new job is pretty demanding and intense too, so my energy levels have been pretty low at the end of the day. I managed to squeeze in some time yesterday to finally render a video for Broken Dream, so I’m pretty glad to present that to you here now!

It sat on the shelf for a couple years before I finally put the finishing touches on it. Then, I submitted it to Dwelling of Duels and Viking Guitar’s Danse Macabre 5 album. I still have more songs I need to finish, and a lot more plans of stuff that needs organized and finally brought out into the light of day, but right now the struggle is figuring out when I will be free to do that… and preferably free without being very sore, or very tired. It’s a difficult balance. Hopefully things get easier. In the meantime, Happy Halloween, and I hope you enjoy ‘Broken Dream’!