The year was 1987… While certain individuals were wasting their time “being born”, others were off starting a legacy that would last for generations.

I’m talking about the Final Fantasy series, of course. This game was created by Squaresoft in 1987 as a last resort for a failing company, but ended up changing their future. It made the name ‘Squaresoft’ synonymous with RPGs…

The music was created by a man named Nobuo Uematsu. He made all of the greatest Final Fantasy music from FFI to FFX. Right now, he is working for Mistwalker and made the music for Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon. Mistwalker features the previous president of Square and Uematsu, the composer. Final Fantasy XIII will show whether Square-Enix can still create a Final Fantasy game. The music is good, but doesn’t have Uematsu’s personality or character. The new music isn’t very memorable.

To honor this great original music, I decided to coordinate a Final Fantasy 1 remix album. It will cover almost all of the original songs, and will feature various artists — pretty much anyone who is interested, although we’re looking for professional-quality music in the Acoustic / Progressive / Metal genres.

There will, undoubtedly, be a lot more news to share concerning this project in the future. It will be publicly announced at in about a month, at which time the recruitment for it should hopefully speed up. Recruitment is currently taking place for the album, so if you would like to audition, please contact me with a sample of your work.