Hello everyone! It’s been forever, right? I’m MARRIED NOW to the love of my life, Madison!! My album Drifting came out on September 28th, 2018 and we were married on September 21st, 2019. She actually pressed the button that released the album, which was very cool. I’m currently working to release some of the music I’ve been sitting on, and unfortunately there hasn’t been a ton of new music this past year. The few songs we did make will be coming. Which leads me to my next topic…

This is a pre-written statement about Materia Collective. It concerns events that took place a few months ago. I’m posting it here for a few reasons. So my friends and fans will know what happened, I’m not a fan of censorship. I posted it in one of their groups and it was swiftly deleted before anyone could see it. The story, what happened, what they did, deserves to be known. Same as the OC Remix story, which I will keep published on this website. I feel that people deserve to be held to account. I don’t let things go easily. I love justice. Many other reasons. If I knew who the individual involved is, I likely would seek some form of legal action. Without further ado, here’s the statement:

“My uncle passed away less than a month before I was married to my now wife Madison. Within minutes of hearing the news of his passing, I also received an out of the blue message from Sebastian Wolff [founder of Materia Collective]. His message informed me that an individual or individuals made false, slanderous accusations against me. This lead to my music, Careless Juja’s music, my wife Madison Strader’s music, being cancelled from future releases and me being kicked out of Materia Collective.

Although it‘s obvious to my wife, and anyone who knows me, these accusations were categorically false. I don’t know if I was targeted for my political beliefs. I don’t know if it’s a years-old grudge from OC Remix or TheShizz. I don’t know if it was someone who got the bright idea from the Jeremy Soule story which was breaking at roughly the same time. I, and by extension my wife and friends, do not know why I (and by extension we) were targeted by this individual.

This left a sour taste for the group of us. We had several songs canned, and were incredibly excited for upcoming opportunities and releases. And now instead, we have the ashes of former MC merchandise and removed and disposed of car decals. I wish I could say I’d never seen this level of disrespect from those in a community, but that is not the case, unfortunately. I thought Materia Collective was better. I was wrong.

Be better.

I’ll be focusing on building the best life with my wife, beginning our new family, and eventually many personal projects that are close to my heart. For those few who were genuinely nice people (you know who you are), I offer you my gratitude.”