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New ReMixes and Latest Events

Ahoy hoy. It’s been a little while since I’ve updated the site. My bad. I have been putting new mixes on YouTube, including I Am Gonna Stop Eventually (above), Doomed Lovers, Blakk Majik, Rebellion, and hopefully I’ll get around to putting more up before too long. It has been a pretty challenging time for me. Work has been good, my schedule this year has never been more consistent. It’s nice to get 40 hours a week plus overtime once in a while. Struggling with sleep issues and anxiety has made it a bit troubling and has kept me from doing too much personal music stuff. I have still been doing other jobs, though.  Continue reading

New ReMix ‘Panem et Circenses’! And some news…

Welcome to the world of tomorrooooow!! It may be a little crazy to remix Final Fantasy XV so early, right? Well — maybe not! I made my Skyrim remix in July and the game came out in November. At the very least, the FFXV demo Episode Duscae will be out on March 17th so this isn’t too outrageous. Hopefully the demo features the song that I have remixed here.

worldoftomorrowThis mix was a ton of fun to work on. I have very high hopes for the game and the music which we should get a taste of in the demo. I am pumped, to say the least. I wanted to make another mix like Whovian Waltz, which you may remember as my remix of The Grinch on the Dreamcast. Mostly it was a stylistic inspiration; acoustic guitars, 3/4, kind of a waltz. The supporting instrumentation is different here. The song was also inspired by Pain of Salvation’s “Sleeping Under the Stars” which mostly played a big part in the inspiration of the arrangement of the piano for my mix. That’s a weird way of saying it, but hopefully you get what I mean if you check them out.

Life has been punishing lately; it’s been like Dark Souls 2 almost, except I managed to not die yet. I don’t often enough  talk about my personal life on my own personal blog here… maybe an oversight? Not sure. But to make it brief, Continue reading

Legend of the Boar Knight

Hey! So I still need to work on that original album for my Kickstarter. Sorry to everyone who is still waiting. However, this post is about my work with — again — Careless Juja! I may be talking about this a little early, but I’m bored, so here it goes. :-)

This video covers just about EVERYTHING! There is an insane amount of content on this album — 62 tracks at 2 hours and 28 minutes. It’s going to be a double album. It took a good solid week of hard work to finalize it for release. As you can see from the video, there will be a listening party, and even a live puppet show.

The story portion of the album centers around a Boar Knight named Nathaniel and his adventures through Porkalore and beyond. If mixing the music wasn’t fun enough, listening to and mixing each story chapter was great fun and I loved following the story one little piece at a time through the process of mixing and mastering them!

I am so appreciative to Careless Juja for the opportunity, and am overjoyed that I was able to work with them again and possibly more times in the future!  They’re the best. I love getting return work, too! I always try to make people as satisfied as possible so that they will return for more. Anyway, thank you! And to everyone out there who loves good music, give Legend of the Boar Knight a listen!

Legend of the Boar Knight

New ReMix ‘Guinevere’!

Hello! So things have been pretty rough lately. The year didn’t start off that well. While I was taking care of my parents’ pets while they were off on a cruise, I managed to wreck and total my car while they were on the way back from the cruise. I was in pain for a while and I’m starting to get back to normal. Luckily, I finished this song, Guinevere, before the accident. I also finished a song after the accident which I’ll hopefully post in about a week, and there will be more details of the process that went into that when I post it.

As for this song, it was commissioned by 4Player Network for their series of GOTY videos on Youtube. The request was to make another Ace Combat mix in the style of my last one, The Limit, which I made for TotalBiscuit. There are a lot of similarities with this mix, with the full orchestra and such but there’s also a cool acoustic section in the middle with live bongos and shakers. I even put a callback to The Limit near the end when I revisited a theme from The Liberation of Gracemeria. I hope you enjoy the song, and keep an eye out for my Final Fantasy XV mix in a week or so!

Writing original music is…. hard.

Hey. You may be wondering where I’ve been lately — well, I forgot to add my latest remix to the site. I’ll do that a bit later on. Right now I want to focus on some other goings-ons that you might find interesting… maybe.

Many of you may remember I did a joke kickstarter for s’mores, and then later squeezed my new album into that whole thing. I’ve been trying to write an original song for the past couple days and I just finally got this one to the point where I can see the finish line for the structure. After doing so many remixes where I was basically working with existing material, writing original music is………… hard.

When I hear music, I usually think of ways that I would approach it in addition to simply enjoying it. I listen to a crud-ton of music, sometimes even get picked on for listening to rap or radio pop. While I’ve been trying to write my own stuff, I’ve been ultra-critical of it to the point that I feel unsure about stuff mere moments after writing it. That may be an issue with listening to so many types of music constantly — it’s hard to hear something as your own rather than as generic once the wave of inspiration passes.

In the end, I think the goal here will to be a bit less critical, and simply enjoy my own music and just write what I want to hear and what I like. Hopefully other people will find that appealing too. In addition to my album, I also have an album for Careless Juja to mix and master this month, vocals for Subject to Thoughts’ new album that is expected to drop early 2015, and some other jobs both pro bono and financial. Oh, and the day job with the holidays coming up. It’s going to be a grind to say the least. Speaking of grinding, I’ve also been playing Destiny a lot. A LOT. That game is amazing, and the expansion is dropping in 2 days. I DON’T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE ALL OF THIS!!

I’ll just keep doing my best. I’m not going to force anything. That would be doing a disservice to myself and everyone else. It’s like my good friend Sir Jordanius told me, you spend so much time trying to help everyone that you end up hurting everyone. Definitely need to stop doing that. Here’s to hoping things improve in the near future, thanks for following me on this journey.

I’ll post that new remix on here in a few days, or you can find it on my youtube channel. Until next time!

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